Lake Mary Events Center

Lake Mary Events Center is the city’s premier venue that offers beautiful versatile space on the shore of West Crystal Lake. This venue provides clients with everything from banquet space, meeting facilities to ceremony sites which makes them the perfect choice for weddings, banquets, receptions and even retreats.

Our friends at the Lake Mary Events Center have graciously answered some frequently asked questions to give you a better look at planning an event in Lake Mary.

  • What is your maximum Capacity? The Lake Mary Events Center’s maximum capacity for a wedding reception (banquets style) is 240 people. Our maximum capacity for a theater style event is 300 people.
  • What is included in your basic rental package? 300 stacking chairs for indoor use, 100 folding chairs for outdoor use, 28-73″ (6′) round tables (seats 8-10), 20-60″ (5′) Round tables (seats 6-8), 8-96″ (8′) x 30″ rectangular tables, 8-72″ (6′) serpentine tables, 6-72″ (6′) x 30″ rectangular tables, 10-30″ cocktail tables and 1 podium with/without microphone.
  • What kind of add-on items does your venue offer that are not in the basic rental price? The only add-on that our venue offers is the Audio Visual equipment. In our Grand Ballroom, we have three drop down projection screens and projectors, as well as one in our meeting room. The renter can add each screen individually or add all of them as a package rental. These screens are perfect for anything from slideshows to presentations.
  • When can vendors come in to set up and deliver items? For a saturday or sunday rental, the renter chooses an either hour block of time. This eight hour block can be shifted to meet each renter’s individual needs and must encompass both the set up time needed and the time needed for the event.
  • Is there a space for the bride and groom to change and/or relax? Yes, the Lake Mary Events Center has a separate room for both the bride and the groom. These rooms are included with all full building rentals.
  • Who will be supervising and troubleshooting the day of the wedding? The Lake Mary Events Center will have at least one employee present throughout the entire rental period. They are here to assist with any building questions (i.e. changes to the set up, adjusting the AC, dimming the lighting, breakdown of the tables/chairs, etc)
  • Are there limitations on decorations? Decorations within reason are permitted. The Lake Mary Events Center does not allow anything to be attached to the walls or ceilings. Please see a list of policies on our website at
  • Are any other events or weddings booked for the day of the event? The Lake Mary Events Center offers a full building rental every day of the week. If the renter chooses to rent the full building, then their event will be the only event taking place at their chosen time.
  • Is there a coordinator available from the venue to help or do clients have to hire one separately? We can provide one to two staff throughout the entire rental, mainly for facility related questions. We do not have anyone on site to coordinate your event, greet your vendors, tell you when to walk down the aisle, keep the wedding on schedule, etc. If you feel this is something you need, we recommend you hire an outside company.
  • Do clients need to use any specific vendors? We have a list of eight selected caterers. Every renter is required to use one of these eight caterers for all food and beverage.
  • When can clients do a rehearsal? We allow one complimentary hour of time to be scheduled Monday through Friday during business hours. Rehearsals are booked based on availability.
  • What will they do if it rains (if they are having an outdoor ceremony)? The glass-enclosed Rotunda provides a beautiful ceremony site inside the Lake Mary Events Center. Use of the Rotunda is included with Saturday, Sunday and Holiday rentals, as well as with a full building rental. The rotunda may be used in lieu of hte lakeside ceremony site in case of inclement weather. If the renter does not rent the full building, then use of the rotunda is based on availability the day of the event.
  • What information do you think clients often overlook int he contract? Our contract seems to be pretty self explanatory and everything on the contract is reiterated on our website as well. The main things renters need to keep in mind once their contract is signed and their event is books are: the balance and damage deposit are due 30 days prior to the event date, the floor plan is due 10 days prior to the event date and have fun planning your special day! =)
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