Venue Highlight: Orlando Museum of Art

Since its finding in 1924, the Orlando Museum of Art’s purpose has been to enrich the cultural life of Florida by providing excellence in the visual arts. To meet this objective, the Museum has dedicated itself to collecting, preserving and interpreting notable works of art. Annually, the Museum presents 10-12 exhibitions on-site and 13 exhibitions off-site, award-winning art enrichment programs, unlimited gallery tours, teacher in-service training programs, video programs, distinguished lectures, art appreciation lectures, studio classes, lecture/luncheon programs and many other events. This venue could be the perfect unique location for your wedding or special event!

What is your maximum capacity?
Maximum seated capacity for a dinn
er using all spaces – 350 (Rotunda, Meeting Rooms and Grand Gallery)
Maximum seated capacity for a reception in Rotunda & Meeting Rooms – 250

Maximum capacity in the auditorium – 250

We do have large events here, up to 1000 guests, but that would require use of the “full museum” with guests scattered throughout, including in the galleries, and very limited seating.

What’s included in your basic rental package?
The basic rental package includes use of the space for the hours booked, 3 hours for set up, 1 hour for teardown, free rehearsal 4-5 pm the day before a ceremony, and use of our 60” round tables, chairs, banquet tables, serpentine tables and cocktail tables. One nice thing about the museum is that it’s open Tuesday-Sunday (only closed on Mondays) and is located on a free parking lot, so brides who have booked their receptions here can stop by any time to just look at the space as they make their plans – it’s completely accessible at their convenience.

What kind of add-on items does your venue offer that are not in the basic rental price?
Our one add-on is a cocktail hour in the Grand Gallery with gallery access for guests for $575.

When can vendors come in to set up and deliver items?
Caterers are allowed in 3 hours ahead to unload into the kitchen and use the Meeting Rooms as a staging area and are allowed to set up in the Rotunda at 3:30 pm and in the Grand Gallery at 4 pm, when the museum closes to the public. Other vendors are allowed to come in throughout the afternoon before an evening event, and items such as flowers and centerpieces and favors may be delivered any time during the afternoon to be put in place by the caterers when they have access to the event space.

Is there a space for the bride and groom to change and/or relax?
Yes, we let them use our Education Classroom, a large carpeted room with chairs, where their caterer can bring snacks and drinks and they can meet with the photographer and bridal party. If having a ceremony here, the bride can use the room to dress in.

Who will be supervising and troubleshooting the day of the wedding?
The Facility Rental Sales Coordinator and a Facility Assistant will be present throughout the entire set up and the event until all guests are in the final location (if they’re moving from cocktail hour to reception area, for example). The Facility Assistant stays through the evening and is available to help with any facilities questions (temperature, lighting, vendors’ questions) through teardown. We have security guards in the galleries at all times that guests are there.

Are there limitations on decorations?
Very few. Nothing can be hung from the walls, but there a place where hanging items are allowed. It’s rare that something is not allowed, but it has happened if it’s something that might be hazardous to people or the museum itself or its contents. If flower petals are to be strewn, for example, they must be white if real, must be artificial if any other color, so they don’t stain the white marble floor. We allow flowers, balloons, candles (as long as the flame is surrounded by a nonflammable holder). If something is questionable, ask to make sure it’s okay.

Are any other events or weddings booked for the day of the event?
There would not be anything else booked at the same time as a wedding or wedding reception.

Is there a coordinator available from the venue to help or do clients have to hire one separately?
The Facility Rental Sales Coordinator is available for facility kinds of questions and coordinates details with the caterer and other vendors but doesn’t function as a wedding coordinator. Many renters do hire wedding coordinators, but not all do.

Do clients need to use any specific vendors?
We have a list of approved caterers that we ask clients to use, but they are not limited as to other vendors.

When can clients do a rehearsal?
Rental clients can have a rehearsal for no extra charge 4-5 pm the day before the ceremony in the space where their wedding will be.

What will they do if it rains (if you’re having an outdoor ceremony)?
We don’t have an outdoor ceremony space so that doesn’t come up here.

What information do you think clients often overlook in the contract?
What I try to direct everyone’s attention to, to be sure they don’t overlook it, is that we require a Certificate of Liability before theevent and the balance of their rental fee is due 60 days before the event; they have paid a 30% deposit to book our space. When I send an invoice for the fee balance, I send information on where to get the Certificate of Liability.

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