Venue Highlight: Lakeridge Winery & Vineyard

Lakeridge Winery and Vineyard is a unique venue with a natural background. It’s romantic elegance will enhance any event, meeting, or occasion. The setting of a working winery will certainly put a unique spin on a classic wedding. With their indoor and outdoor locations this is a flexible venue to fit any personal preference.

photo taken by SNS Weddings

Here are some questions answered by our friends at Lakeridge Winery and Vineyard. These are crucial questions that will help you choose whether this is the right venue for you and your next event or occasion.

What is your maximum capacity?
Seated indoors: 80-100, Cocktail reception indoors: 150, Seated outdoors: 200, Cocktail reception outdoors: 250+

What’s included in your basic rental package?
Please see attached rental packages

What kind of add-on items does your venue offer that are not in the basic rental price?
We provide the facility and beverage package. Rental items (tables, chairs, linens, tents, etc.) can be added, if needed.

When can vendors come in to set up and deliver items?
Depends on the space being used for the event, but our banquet room and vineyard garden area can be set-up/accessed after 10 a.m. on the event day.

Is there a space for the bride and groom to change and/or relax?
We have a room that the bride and groom may use to dress/relax

Who will be supervising and troubleshooting the day of the wedding?
We have at least one event manager on-site at all times during the event.

Are there limitations on decorations?
Clients may not use glitter, uncooked rice, open flames (candles in glass containers OK) or nail into or damage any walls or fixtures.

Are any other events or weddings booked for the day of the event?
No, we schedule only one event a day.

Is there a coordinator available from the venue to help or do clients have to hire one separately?
We have an on-site event coordinator to assist you with the facility and beverage needs. Event coordination services should be contracted should the client want additional services.

Do clients need to use any specific vendors?
Clients are welcome to select any vendor of their choice. However, we require that the caterer provide a copy of their license & insurance if we have not used them before (but they won’t have to worry about that since they’ll be booking you J ). We also require that the client provide a list of all contracted services, including contact information for all.

When can clients do a rehearsal?
We do not book rehearsals. Client may come the day before to do the rehearsal, pending availability. Should another event be booked for the prior evening, the client may come earlier in the day as long as it does not conflict with the booked event.

What will they do if it rains (if you’re having an outdoor ceremony or event)?
We do have indoor spaces and a covered balcony for groups up to 100. Groups larger than 100 would not have an indoor backup.

What information do you think clients often overlook in the contract? Rental items are not included in the facility rental price at this time.

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