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We are so excited to be working more with the Orlando Museum of Art in the future. The OMA is such a unique and beautiful place for couples to exchange vows and party during their recpetion on their wedding day. Alyssa, the facility rental coordinator at the OMA, answered some questions for us and gave us a lot of great information to share with you all. If you are interested in getting married at the Orlando Museum of Art, you should definitely read all the helpful information below!

What is your maximum capacity?
The Rotunda holds up to 150 seated guests, the Rotunda with A,B, & C holds up to 250 seated guests. 101 Grand Gallery can hold up to 100 seated guests. And the full museum can hold 300 + guests cocktail style.

What’s included in your basic rental package?
All wedding packages vary based on the amount of guests and which areas of the museum will be in use.

What kind of add-on items does your venue offer that are not in the basic rental price?
Add-on items include the Museum Shop, TV/VCR, risers, tents, valet parking, wireless microphone, and LCD projector.

When can vendors come in to set up and deliver items?
Vendor set up may begin at 3:30pm in the Rotunda and Meeting Rooms and 4pm in the Grand Gallery. Delivery of items must be arranged through the Facility Rental Coordinator for the day of the event drop off and pick up.

Is there a space for the bride and groom to change and/or relax?
We have our education classroom for the bride and her bridesmaids free of charge and if the groom and his groomsmen would like a room as well, we have one of our studios for them to get ready in for $45. If the couple is not holding their ceremony at OMA, we will still have the education classroom available free of charge for the newlywed couple to relax in when they arrive at our facility.

Who will be supervising and troubleshooting the day of the wedding?
The Facility Rental Coordinator, Alyssa, will be on site from set up until midway through the reception. There will also be a Facility Assistant on site the entire evening from setup until break down.

Are there limitations on decorations?
All décor is subject for approval by the OMA. All décor items and placement must meet fire and safety codes.

Are any other events or weddings booked for the day of the event?
No, only one wedding per day.

Is there a coordinator available from the venue to help or do clients have to hire one separately?
The Facility Rental Coordinator, Alyssa, will help with anything regarding the facility and the vendors who will be coming in to OMA to setup but cannot be available to coordinate the entire event. If the client is in need of a wedding coordinator they will need to hire one separately.

Do clients need to use any specific vendors?
We do have a list of eight approved caterers that clients must choose from. For any other type of vendor (florist, cake, photographer, DJ, etc.), we have a list of recommended vendors who have been to our facility many times and know our venue very well. We recommend that clients take a look at that list but they are not required to choose one of those vendors.

When can clients do a rehearsal?
Rehearsals can be done the day before the wedding from 4-5pm with no charge. Any other day or time will be $656.25 for one hour rehearsal.

What will they do if it rains (if you’re having an outdoor ceremony)?
OMA does not have any outdoor space for a wedding ceremony.

What information do you think clients often overlook in the contract?
OMA has a strict NO RED WINE policy.

We hope you found all this information as helpful as we did! Remember to keep them in mind when you are searching for the right place for your wedding.


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