{Food Friday} Salad

A fresh salad is a classic way to start off a meal. These salads that our Chefs love making are gorgeous and crowd pleasers!

 View More: http://amalieorrangephotography.pass.us/grandtasting View More: http://amalieorrangephotography.pass.us/grandtastingPlated Garden Salad

{Garden Salad}

View More: http://amalieorrangephotography.pass.us/grandtasting

{Grove Salad}

Vertical Caprese Salad (2)

{Vertical Caprese Salad }

cesaer saladCypress Grove Grand Tasting00046

{Caesar Salad}

Floribbean Salad

{Floribbean Salad}


{Mandarin Pecan Salad}

Spinach Salad

{Spinach Salad}


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