Wedding Bites: Mr. & Mrs. Henry {11.18.17}

November 18, 2017/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Mr. & Mrs. Moltisanti {10.21.17}

October 21, 2017/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Mr. & Mrs. Weissman {10.1.17}

October 1, 2017/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Mr. & Mrs. Cramer {9.17.17}

Congratulations Nina & Chet!
Nina and Chet tied the knot on…
September 17, 2017/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Mr. & Mrs. Shutts {9.15.17}

Congratulations Betsey & Ralph!

Betsey and Ralph tied…
September 15, 2017/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Mr. and Mrs. Conley {4.9.17}

Congratulations Joan & Richard!

Joan and Richard tied…
April 4, 2017/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Kendall & Troy {2.4.17}

Congratulations Kendall & Troy!
Everyone was obsessed over…
February 4, 2017/by BigCity

December 2016

December was a whirlwind of activity here at Big City! Our team…
December 27, 2016/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Mr. & Mrs. Palmer {11.2.16}

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Palmer!

They tied the knot…
November 2, 2016/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Mr. & Mrs. Clarke {10.15.16}

Congratulations Sarah & Craig!

Sarah and Craig said I…
October 15, 2016/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Mr. & Mrs. Connor {9.22.16}

Congratulations Kelsey & Josh!

Kelsey &…
September 22, 2016/by BigCity

Southern Inspired Hors d’oeuvres

Southerners have the whole comfort food thing down pat. Our…
September 13, 2016/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Mr. & Mrs. Musante {8.27.16}

Congratulations Alisa & Tony!
On August 27, 2016 we celebrated…
August 28, 2016/by BigCity

{Food Friday} Salad

A fresh salad is a classic way to start off a meal. These salads…
August 12, 2016/by BigCity

{Themed Tuesday}: A Night in Havana

Themed events put extra excitement in the air for guests. You're…
December 8, 2015/by BigCity

{Themed Thursday} Corn Cobbetts Trio of Butter Fondue

We just {love} our Chef's new Corn Cobbetts Trio…
June 25, 2015/by BigCity

Not your Average Wedding Dinner {Food Stations}

{Grilled Cheese Bar}

{Baked Potato Bar}
{Mini Slider…
March 18, 2015/by BigCity

Wedding bites: Mr. & Mrs. Moser {3.15.14}

{Moser-Schulte Wedding}









March 21, 2014/by BigCity

Grand Tasting {1.14.14}

Grand Tasting

~~Cypress Grove Estate House~~

February 5, 2014/by BigCity

Arthur’s Catering Holiday Party {1.20.14}

Big City had the pleasure of being a part of Arthur's Catering…
January 27, 2014/by BigCity

KRONOS Executive Event

The Ambiance
We turned the park into a Backyard Red…
January 10, 2014/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Andrea & Michael {10.20.12}

Congratulations to Andrea and Michael!

Gallego &…
February 6, 2013/by BigCity

Fantasy of Flight Seated Corporate Dinner

Last Monday Night, Big City Catering catered a seated corporate…
October 15, 2012/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Chelsea & Chris {10.6.12}

Congratulations Chelsea & Chris!

This last Saturday…
October 8, 2012/by BigCity

Orlando Museum of Art

We are so excited to be working more with the Orlando Museum…
May 2, 2012/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Brandi & Sean {12.2.11}


This couple exchanged vows at the Lake Mary Events…
March 12, 2012/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Lisa & Hunter {11.11.11}

This lovely wedding took place at The Summerlin…
March 5, 2012/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Paige & Matthew {10.29.11}

Congratulations to Paige & Matthew!

This beautiful…
January 30, 2012/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Nikki & Trony {10.21.11}

Photo by Jessica Nigro Photography

This beautiful wedding…
December 27, 2011/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Lisa & Daniel {10.14.11}

Photo by Kayleen Kelsey

Photo by Kayleen Kelsey

November 16, 2011/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Shaina & Joey {6.3.11}

Photo by Brandy Burridge Photography
The beautiful couple…
October 24, 2011/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Niki & Marcus {4.9.11}

Photo by Brandy Burridge Photography
This stunning…
October 16, 2011/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Megan & Josh {7.11.11}

Congratulations are due to this beautiful couple that…
September 27, 2011/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Jodi-Ann & Duane {8.2.11}

Photo by Snap Photography

Photo by Snap Photography

September 19, 2011/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Makerbie & Joshua {7.24.11}

Photo by Plush Glamour Photography
The gorgeous couple…
September 12, 2011/by BigCity

A Special Wedding Video

It isn't often that someone from our Big City family gets married.…
August 29, 2011/by BigCity

Venue Highlight: Fantasy of Flight

If you are looking for a real experience, real fun, and a…
August 11, 2011/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Molly & MJ {7.9.11}

Photo by Kevin Keelan

This beautiful couple said their vows…
August 10, 2011/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Cara & Rollin {6.20.11}

Congratulations to the beautiful couple who celebrated their…
August 6, 2011/by BigCity

Wedding Bites: Brooke & Chris {5.7.11}

Photo by Fat Catz Photography

Congratulations to the…
July 27, 2011/by BigCity
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