Welcoming Wednesday


Welcome the Wedding Welcome Bag

Whether your wedding is in a far away destination or in your hometown;
Whether your guests are coming from near or from afar,
A Welcoming Bag or Basket will get everyone just as excited as you are for your extra-special day!
…But wait, you don’t even know what you really need for the big day…and you’re still stressed about what “Something Blue” you will wear…
 how are you supposed to help out all your guests?!
 Fear not, because the Big City Catering Team is here for you with a helpful list of items and ideas for your one-of-a-kind Welcoming Bag!!

What Goes Into the Bag/Basket:
Key Contact Info
A Welcome Letter
Schedule of Events
Map of Wedding Events & Local Area
Information on the Local Transportation
List of Local Restaurants & Entertainment Guide
Tasty Snacks & Beverages (Adults and Children)
Small Keepsakes/Souvenirs
A ‘Thank You’ Letter!

Want to Make it Extra-Special?
Personalize the bag/box
Personalize the items inside (add pictures or sayings)
Add a fun item to throw as you leave for your honeymoon
Help your guests pamper themselves (or cure themselves)
Add necessities for the specific destination (flip-flops, sunscreen, hats…)
Add fun activities for the little ones to keep busy
Use your wedding theme and colors
Incorporate your favorite sports team
Share hometown favorites of the Bride and Groom
Celebrate the past with childhood favorites of the Bride and Groom
All of your guests will feel so welcomed… They may not want to leave!

Check back here tomorrow for THEME THURSDAY!


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