Wedding Favors

The purpose of a wedding favor is to let your guests know you appreciate them being there to help you celebrate your special day. The tradition of giving wedding favors has been around for years, although the actual wedding favors have definitely changed. Couples are continuing to become more and more creative with their wedding favors. Not only are they enjoyed by all of your guests, but they also can really add to the ambiance. Favors add to your overall theme!

 It is so nice to be able to send your guests home at the end of the night with a piece of your wedding. We have complied pictures of wedding favors. Hopefully these will inspire you and give you and your loved one some ideas for your big day!

Seeds for your guests to plant

Personalized Wine Stoppers
Homemade Jam
Dessert or Candy Bar
Personalized Mugs
Cinnamon Rolls

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