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From weddings to the workplace, there’s a fabric you can’t go far without seeing.
Durable in nature, and able to withstand the trials of time, there is no question why lace is a reestablished cornerstone in wedding fashion, and fashion in general. Whether it be a symbol of the enduring love between two people, or a keepsake durable enough to be passed down to future generations, this trending fabric is not new to the spotlight- I’d be willing to guess your mom wore lace on her wedding day!
Since the late 16th century lace has been used and reused to enhance the beauty of anything from clothing –men’s too! – to draperies, and table settings. Due to its long lasting composition lace was seldom disposed of and more often repurposed once the original piece had fallen from fad, creating not only garments and decor, but stories and histories behind them. We can thank this trait for the vintage-like perception we have of the fabric today. Lace was often regarded as intimate and private wear- quite possibly because of its common composition of undergarments, but times in fact have changed, and the fabric has transitioned into not only accents, but main attractions as well.
Spring 2013 will, without question, continue to be bombarded by this trending fabric. Vogue’s Guide to Spring 2013 Fashion features a “Loving Lace” segment documenting the lace-speckled runway with pieces from Oscar de la Renta, Givenchy, BCBG Max Azria, Dolce & Gabbana and more. Pinterest cant get enough of it, and neither can the covers of almost every bridal magazine received this month here at Big City Catering, with no slow down in sight! There’s a reason why this fabric has come back to fashion, it’s simply timeless.
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