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Because Love Is SWEET!

We all love the idea of a candy buffet for any event. It brings us back to our childhood, admiring the array of shapes and sizes of the sweet goodies. Not only is candy very easy to match with your theme and color scheme, it also makes a great party favor. Putting out bags for guests to fill gives them the opportunity to take home what they like, and who doesn’t like one kind of candy or another! They’re trendy, cute, and easy to do. They not only serve as a fix for the sweet tooth but also are very aesthetically pleasing when done right. Candy buffets are also flexible. They can take up as much, or as little space as you’d like, and you can spend as much, or as little as your budget has to offer. The most exciting part is there are NO RULES when it comes to this buffet! Let your inner child run wild! 

Check back tomorrow for our first ever WEDDING SPOTLIGHT WEDNESDAY!

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