Themed Thursday: Spring Wedding Catering

Spring Fling Menu


Think cool and refreshing! Like Limoncello or Champagne Cocktails and a Lemonade Stand


When you think of Spring you tend to think of eggs, so feature them in all sorts of appetizers. Add a fresh Salad with Spinach and Baby Greens with Strawberries served with a Raspberry Vinaigrette!


Keep things on the lighter side, such as Chicken and Fish with fresh herbs like Basil, Thyme or Rosemary


French-style macaroons, White chocolate-dipped strawberries, Belgian Waffle Bar — perfect for a nighttime reception

Feast Catering- Upright Deviled Eggs Appetizer
How To Make Limoncello Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn | The Kitchn
Maple Grilled Salmon #USFW #salmon #recipe
Belgian waffle bar
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