Motivational Monday: Picking a wedding theme

Venue: Back Bay Inn <br> Floral Designer: Flowers by Denise <br> Cake: Cake Cathedral <br> DJ: Gy Ryder <br> Cookies: Cowboy Cookies N’ Grub <br> Caterer: Los Osos Mexican Market <br>

Your wedding day only happens once in a lifetime, so how do you choose what’s best for your wedding? Do you go with what you think is best? Perhaps your grooms parents? Well having a theme to your wedding will put a signature on your day for you and your husband. So what do you do?

First brainstorm ideas! Sit down with a pen and paper and start asking what are your favorite colors, hobbies, activities that interest you, pretty much anything that comes to mind!

After that consider

  •  the season your wedding will be in
  • time of the wedding
  • will the reception and ceremony be in the same venue

A wedding theme shouldn’t be rushed so if inspiration doesn’t come to you the first time don’t stress out! Who knows it might come to you as your walking down the street one day! Either way have fun and get inspired to do whatever your heart desires
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