Holiday Cheer

Winter isn’t the normal time of the year for a wedding, as most couples would rather have a warm weather wedding. Although, the cold weather, snow and and some other aspects can make for a beautiful and unique wedding that isn’t as hard on your pockets as a traditional one!

Benefits of a winter wedding:

  • You can save money.  Cold weather weddings are usually cheaper and in less demand than their warm counterparts.
  • You can get exactly what you wantThere’s a great chance that the venue you’re looking for will be open and available. Many popular locations are booked full during the summer and fall, but are usually open during the winter at a lower price than normal!
  • More of your guest might be able to attend. Many people can get time off of work for the holidays to travel, see family, etc. so they might be able to squeeze a day or two in for coming to your wedding during the winter.
  • Winter weddings are different. Sick of cliche’s? Winter weddings stray away from the norm and can offer a truly memorable and unique experience for you and your love ones.

Some other cool ideas:
Stay true to the season and coordinate how your wedding is decorated in coordination with the environment around it!

  • Icicles
    • Chandeliers, table placements, etc.
  • Fireplaces
    • a warm fireplace can keep the mood warm and your guests cozy!
  • Snowflakes
    • snowflakes all over the place as a decoration or even a main theme.
  • Mistletoe
    • We all know what mistletoe‘s imply. Maybe have one over where the bride and groom stand during the ceremony.
  • Ice sculptures
    • a unique ice sculpture can add to the flare and be a unique centerpiece at your wedding!
  • Glass sculptures on tables
    • same idea as the ice sculpture, except these wont melt, and wet the tables.
  • White fur dresses, fur linings
    • the bride and bridesmaids can add this to their attire to keep them warm and add a classic look to their dresses.
  • White bar drinks (White Russian)
    • keep the white theme going with a mixture of white drinks
  • White flowers, branches 
    • if there are any trees around your party, lacing the branches with pretty white flowers can add a nice element.
  • White chair covers
  • Smore stations
    • who doesn’t love smores?
  • White cupcakes instead of cake
  • Roasted chestnut food favors
    • chestnuts roasted over and open fire. Yum!
  • Classical pianist
    • the holidays are always exemplified by the classic songs played with a piano melody.
  • Horse and carriage ride to the reception
    • a classic horse and carriage ride can start your evening off with a unique flair relative to the events theme!
  • Greet guests with hot coffee and hot chocolate
    • If the weather is cold, hot coffee and chocolate can help keep them warm as the day moves on!
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