Fun Wedding Games

Wedding receptions are great, especially when you get to show off your dance moves in front of twenty people or more. Some would love nothing more than strictly dancing and getting sweaty in three-hundred dollar suites/dresses for several hours, but not everyone at the reception will share the same enthusiasm and might need a little push to get them going. Sure, we would all love to see Grandma break-dance but she’ll probably need a little nudge to get her to bust a move (or hip). So for a fun, safe way to get everyone involved in the after ceremony festivities you could try out one or more of these great wedding games!
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 1. Mr. and Mrs. Quiz-

This is a test of how well you know your partner. There must be at
least 5 couples participating including the couple celebrating their
wedding. They will be given a board and a chalk. The emcee or DJ will ask a
question. The participants must write the answers on the board given to
them. Strictly no cheating! The couple who has the same answer gets the
point. The couple who gets the highest points wins.

2. Balloon Popping Relay-

This is a fun game and a test as well on how well the guest know about
the newlyweds. There is a two equally-divided team. The participants
usually are the couple’s closest friends and colleagues. The first
player of each team must run where the balloons are located. He or she must pop one balloon to get the piece of paper inside the balloon. There is
a written question on the paper in which they have to answer correctly.
Write it on the board provided for each group and run back on their
team to tag the next player. The team who finished first and answered the
team correctly wins.

3. Balloonatic-

The participants of this game are the guests who are still single.
There are 16 contestants, 8 girls and 8 boys. The participants must be
divided into two teams. Each team must have 4 ladies and 4 gentlemen.They
must be positioned in an alternate manner. There is a sausage balloon
given for each team which must be placed in between legs. The sausage
balloon will be passed from one player to another. Note: the balloon must
not be touched with hands nor be popped or else they will have to
repeat the relay all over again. In case the balloon burst out, it will be
replaced with a new one.

4. Human Musical Chairs-

The participants of this game are the secondary sponsors of the wedding
entourage. Just like the game “trip to Jerusalem”, the gentlemen will
serve as the chairs and the ladies will dance around them. When the
music stopped, the ladies must find a partner and the gentlemen must carry
them just like how the groom carries his wife. The lady who is left
without a partner will be disqualified and the gentlemen will be lessened
after each game.

These games are a great way to get the competitive juices flowing and the jitterbugs out of everyone reluctant to get involved. Before you know it, your guests will be up and about enjoying themselves! Also, if you’ve had or participated in any other fun games let us know in a comment!
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