Friday’s Frills

The Wishing Tree

Frills are things that make your event stand out from the rest- Little details that people can appreciate for the sole value of time and effort that went into them.
The wishing tree (above) is a whimsical way to get guests involved by giving them an opportunity beyond just signing a guest book- that may be later lost and forgotten. On each card guests would be encouraged to write tips, quotes, and wishes for the newlywed couple to read later on down the road.
Another idea would be to have guests write notes for the first few anniversary’s reminding them of small details from their special day or simply congratulating them on their time together! The notes could be placed in keepsake boxes not to be opened until the 1st, 5th, 10thetc. anniversaries. This way the couple will have notes from loved ones to open and read with one another for days to come.
Have a wonderful weekend! Check back next week for MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY!

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