Friday’s Frills

Light up Your Night

Sky lanterns have been a part of East Asian culture for many years. They have traditionally been displayed at festivals, plays, and special occasions. Even though their origin is said to have been from sending messages in past wars, their purpose now is more spiritual and positive. The meaning today still may be to send a message, but now it is in the form of a wish. Other cultures believe this act symbolizes freeing the person of all things he or she may not want to hold on to. Each person is to place all negativity, judgements, and sins into the lanterns before releasing it from their possession.
It may be a cute idea for the bride and groom to write a wish for their marriage and their future on the lantern and set it free at the ceremony or after the reception once it has gotten dark. 
*If the entire attendance wants to set a wish free or get rid of negativity by way of these lanterns, we encourage the use of biodegradable materials.

Check back next week for MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY!

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