Food for thought : Summer Weddings

It’s hard to believe, but summer time in Florida is hot! If you’re crazy enough to be having a summer wedding, here are some quick tips to help you keep cool during your big day!

Refreshing Drinks- Lemonade, everyone loves it! Same with iced tea. Set up a bar with both of them being served so everyone can stay hydrated before and after the ceremony!

Cold Appetizers- Think of anything that can be served cold? How about shrimp, guacamole or gazpacho? Serve them with some fresh veggies like cucumbers, carrots or celery and you’ll be serving a delicious and cool (in both senses of the word) appetizer that will keep everyone craving for more!

Sizzling Entree’s- After your guests have had their fresh drink and app’s, hit ’em with a entree that will send their mouths on fire! What do most people love doing the most during the summer? Grilling! We, as Americans, have a knack for cooking anything with burners, so why not keep it the tradition at your wedding? Grilled chicken with hot sauce, Jack Daniels Burgers, or a fish filet will surprise and satisfy your guests appetites!

Cold Desserts- Once their done with their hot entree’s, let your guests cool off with a chilly treat! Give them some sorbet, ice cream, or some sherbert along with the wedding cake, then give them a few different options of treat like cheesecake or chocolate lollipops!

We hope these quick ideas to keep your summer wedding cool can help!

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