Engagement Photos

We have heard a lot of pros and cons about engagement photo sessions. Some couples think they are completely unnecessary, where as some think they are essential. Of course, it is up to the couple and their personal preferences, but today we are going to share a few reasons why we think engagement photo sessions can be beneficial.

First of all, they are a great way to really get a feel for the photographer you picked for your wedding day. You can begin to feel more relaxed and comfortable with them. Your photographer can get a sense of what your personalities are like and help that shine through the pictures they capture.

We see many engagement photos on display at weddings. It is a great way to show the love you have for each other to all of your guests, and it makes some excellent décor! It is also great to have some professional photos to send out for your save the dates, thank you cards, and a photo to send to the newspaper to announce your marriage.

Most importantly engagement photo sessions should be fun. They are your chance to relax and take some less formal pictures together. You can wear what you are comfortable in and just have fun with it! It is sure to be a wonderful day that you will always remember thanks to the gorgeous pictures. Enjoy some of our favorite engagement photo session finds!

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